Running groups

Don’t want to run alone?

Want to start running?

Want to train and complete a 5 km running event?

Running group is a great way to get started. All groups are work at your own pace. Participants always have a buddy and don’t run alone.

Beginners will start with walking, jogging, walking. When you start out, you will be running at a pace that is an easy jog. This means that you should be able to jog and still hold a conversation with your running buddy. If you can’t talk then you are running too fast and need to slow down. As you jog more at this pace you will find the jogging will get easier with consistent activity.

Picking out a community event like Run Devonport or the Burnie 5 are fantastic events to set a goal to participate in.

A current schedule can be found on

Any questions please ask Pip on 0438 687 542.