Personal Training

The journey towards living a Healthy Active Lifestyle is best achieved when you have a buddy, friend, community, coach, companion, or Personal Trainer to share the journey and hold you accountable.

Philippa is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with additional accreditation as a MetaFit instructor. Her philosophy is based on progressive overload and building up the intensity level gradually. She uses minimal equipment to encourage you so also complete these activities at home. There is no need to go and buy equipment when you can use your own body weight to build strength.

Philippa Martin Personal Training Price List

80% nutrition 20% exercise – you can’t exercise your way out of bad eating.

Introductory Wellness Profile – Free – find out about your body composition. Get started on a Trial pack.

Individual Training – 30 min session

Casual $40  
10 block $380 $38 per session
25 block $900 $36 per session


Individual Training – 45 min session

Casual $45  
10 block $420 $42 per session
25 block $1000 $40 per session


Buddy up training – 45 min session – 2 people in a group

Casual $25  
10 block $230 $23 per session
25 block $1000 $40 per session


Group Training  – 45 mins session – 3 to 5 people

Casual $12  
10 block $100 $10 per session
25 block $200 $8 per session


10% discount for all clients who are using Herbalife nutrition (purchased from Pip) every day. (Minimum of Fast program – for the discount to apply)

Sessions may be purchased either casually (pay for each session as it is used) or in pre-paid blocks which offer greater value for money.

Individual training involves Pip with one client, whilst group training involves Pip with two or more clients at the same time. All group training prices are quoted as price per person.

There are no membership or joining fees for any personal training services.

48 hours notice is required for missed sessions, otherwise the full fee will be charged.

All sessions are to be paid for in advance.

Block sessions are to be completed within the agreed upon time frame.

Limited spaces available. Phone Philippa on 0438 687 542 to get started