Cycling group

Want to go for a bike ride that avoids major roads and traffic?
Want to get a great cardio work out?
Want to learn new cycling skills?
Want to go at your own pace?

Each week a group of ladies will be meeting at the Bluff and riding around on the grass, trails, streets and paths. There are several 1 km to 2 km loops that we do, and each loop you come back to a central location near the hockey club.  At some stage we may meet at different locations too.

The ride will start on Wednesdays at 9:15am sharp, so please arrive with plenty of time to spare.

The ride will be 1 hour to 1:15 mins mins long around the Bluff area.
This is a cardio work out, so you ride at your pace for the length of the ride. This is not a social ride, where you ride along in a group talking to each other. You can do this at the end when everyone enjoys post work out nutrition together.

Essential equipment:
Mountain or cruiser Bike (Road bike not suitable as we will be going off road sometimes)
Water bottle

It is very important all participants have Cycling insurance. This is included in a Cycling Tasmania/Australia membership
Day passes ($11.50), 3 month Ride pass ($29) or annual RIDE memberships ($99) are available from

The annual membership begins on the day you complete the application.

You can get insurance from whereever you like, just make sure it covers you if you knock someone else off their bike when you are riding.

Front (white light) and rear (red light) flashing lights
Bike pump
Spare tube
Patch kit

$8 per session and includes CR7 (put in your water bottle and use while riding) and Herbalife Rebuild Strength (post work out nutrition for optimal recovery). $5 for Feel Great Crew Herbalife nutrition clients.

The goal will be that participants in this group will participate in  organised fun group charity rides through out the year.

This is a ladies only group. A mixed group will be starting soon.  If children need to be present the parents are responsible for fully supervising their children at all times.

Any questions please contact Philippa Martin on 0438 687 542.

All fitness levels welcome