Weight Loss Challenge Testimonials

On the Weight loss challenge I lost 5 kgs and it was so encouraging to see the weight come off and the support from Philippa was fantastic.

I had a great experience with the Weight Loss Challenge. It helped give me the motivation and information I needed to get back in shape. I liked learning from each other, setting goals and having accountability each week.

I wasn’t sure about the Weight Loss Challenge – I am not good at losing weight, especially with a medical condition. I needed to lose weight for my health and to be a positive role model for my children.

I had a great experience with the weight loss challenge. It helped give me the motivation and information I needed to get back into shape. I liked working in a small group and learning from each other. Setting goals and having accountability each week was really helpful also. Overall, I am glad I participated and hope to continue with healthy eating and exercise. Thanks heaps Philippa!


Knowing I had to show up each week to be measured and report on my week. I was far more motivated to eat well and exercise. This really helped me lose weight.


This challenge is the initial part of ongoing weight loss. It helped get me started and now I feel empowered to continue on with a steady weight reduction program on my own.


I joined the Weight Loss Challenge to loose weight and be healthier. I have increased my exercising and stopped eating too much chocolate, bread and other unhealthy foods. I am more conscious of the foods I eat and make choices from guidelines we covered in the course.


It has been good to come every week and be accountable. Makes you think about what you eat during the week and hope for a weight loss when you hop on the scales. Some weeks have been a little disappointing – which makes me work hard the next week.


I have really enjoyed coming each week and thank Philippa for all her help and guidance. I have also enjoyed meeting new people.


I have tried many diets over the years. Sometimes I would be going really well for a couple of weeks and then I would get sick of it and give up. When I saw the story in The Advocate, I knew I had to sign up. If you know you are getting weighed each week, it gives you more incentive to do it. I have found it very rewarding and have managed to lose a few kilo’s. I was really worried about going on a holiday as I didn’t want to put on weight. I was very aware of what I ate and drank. I was really surprised when I weighed in and had lost 200 grams. Was rapt with that. I will be doing the next challenge. Can’t wait.


Over two weight loss challenges one person went from 97.1kg to 80.7kgs (16.4kg loss). This includes 93 cm in loss of body fat.


One person went from 87kgs to 78.5kgs (8.5kg loss) and lost over 42cms in body fat.


Another person went from 80.9kgs to 67.2kgs (13.7kgs) and lost 61cms in body fat.

The goal for each participant is to lose 500 grams per week – so 6 kg at the end of each challenge. Some people lose more weight, others don’t quite reach the 6kg, it is up to the individual on how hard they work and how serious they are about losing weight.

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