Most current pricing for individual sessions can be found on 

Session prices start from as low as $5 and go up to $10. There are no lock in contracts, you only pay as you attend.

Fit Club – $8 per session includes pre and post work out Herbalife nutrition

MetaFit $8 per session

Pilates $8 per session

Cycling $8 per session includes pre and post work out Sports H24 Herbalife nutrition

Family Fitness at Big Big House – $5 per session (normal Big Big House entrance fees apply for children)

Herbalife nutrition users – $5 per session (Feel Great Crew clients only)
Children under 12 are always free

Clients using a minimum of Cellular Nutrition (Formula 1 x 2 and Multivitamin) every month qualify for loyalty prices of $5 per session. This is determined by the total volume points used each month. If you have not ordered, then you will pay the standard Fit Club fees.