There are a wide range of activities you may choose to get involved in. There are local activities and plenty of online options if you don’t live nearby. The key is to get involved and stay involved.

In 2009 I discovered Herbalife Nutrition. I lost over 12 kgs (26 pounds)  from having two shakes a day, multivitamins and the delicious protein bars. It was so easy to lose the weight – I simply followed the principle of 1-2-3. 1 colourful meal per day, 2 shakes for the other meals, 2 healthy lean protein snacks and a multivitamin with each meal.

I then used the nutrition through my second pregnancy because I wanted my child to have the best nutrition possible. I then returned to my pre-baby weight and continued to lose another 2 kgs. So now I have lost a total of 14 kgs (over 30 lbs). I have amazing energy every day and look younger now than when I started years ago.

At first I was a bit skeptical, so I continued to eat and snack normally to see if the shakes really worked and the weight came off. I didn’t have time for exercise so this was an awesome solution for me. I am embarrassed about this now, as I encourage people to live a healthy active lifestyle and now I couldn’t imagine my life without exercise.

It was amazing the difference this weight loss made in my life. I had so much more energy and I really enjoyed the convenience of having the shakes for breakfast and lunch as I could prepare a yummy nutritional meal in 30 seconds. My favourite shake is half Chocolate and half Cookies n Cream.

As a result of my experience I aim to help others achieve their weight loss goals. My three main philosophies are:

1) When you are trying to lose weight – focus on sustainability not deprivation – if you have to have the occasional treat to keep you sane, then do it.

2) It is all about developing balance in your life – don’t go extreme – do what will work for you in the long run.

3) Eliminate yo yo dieting from your life – change your lifestyle, lose the weight and learn how to maintain your goal weight and keep the weight off.

If you are interested in a free no obligation health consultation or participating in a  Weight Loss Challenge then please contact me on 0438 687 542.

Here are a few of the activities available that might help you to get the results you want:

Weight Loss Challenge

A Weight Loss Challenge is 8 weeks long. Participants pay $49 and some of this covers your administration costs and some of this forms the prize pool for the top achievers. The weekly sessions are 1 hour long. They include a private full body scan – so no one but you and the participant know their result. The session also includes 30 minute nutrition education class.



Fit Club

Getting a group of people together and doing some form of exercise. This is followed by the all important post work out shake and nutrition education session.  This is a community of people.


Fit Challenge

4 weeks –where participants get the best results possible through combining nutrition and fitness. There is a fitness test and scan at the beginning and end of 4 weeks.


Running Group

This is a weekly running group. You can do a group for beginners 0-5km in 5 weeks or for more advanced runners too.


Group hikes

Get a group of friends together to go on a hike. We have climbed Mt Roland, Mt Montgomery, Mt Gnomon and plenty more planned.


 One on One Wellness Evaluations

Meeting one on one with a potential client or Weight Loss Challenge participant or Fit Club participant. There is a full presentation that you follow and you use a Body Scanner that gives information like body fat, metabolic age, muscle mass, water and bone mass. This is when you help clients get started on a 3 day trial pack.


Shake Parties

Getting a group of friends together for a 1 hour fun session of sampling and brief education. You can also do parties for friends of friends etc. Great fun especially if you like socialising. These parties are always heaps of fun.


Pamper Parties

Getting a group of friends together for a 1 hour fun pamper session with the awesome outer skin nutrition.


Skin Classes

Getting a group of people together for 4 weeks to educate them and help them experience the SKIN products.



Devonport Lifestyle Centre – coming soon

This is having an actual office or social gathering place to run Weight Loss Challenges from. You choose your opening hours and people come and have a single serve of Herbalife Nutrition. This is a Wellness Centre where you can change the nutritional habits of individuals, one day at a time.


One on One Coaching and Support

Some clients prefer one on one coaching and support. There are limited spaces available for this type of coaching. Clients scan weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on goals.


Personal Training 

One on one or small group sessions are available.



High Intensity Interval Training – body weight

There is a class each Tuesday morning at 8.45am at the Don Cricket oval. $8 per session only. If it is raining, we use the Don Hall.