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Philippa Martin grew up on the Northwest Coast of  Tasmania and as an 18 year old went to the USA on a full tennis scholarship. She studied Marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno and also began competing on the cycling team. It is through cycling that she met her now husband Paul Martin (yes he has the same surname).
After completing her Undergraduate Degree in Marketing and her MBA, Philippa was granted a one year work permit in the USA and then returned home to Tasmania in October 2000 after 7 years overseas.

Philippa worked as a Media Buyer for a leading Advertising Agency in Reno during this one year work permit.

Philippa and Paul were married in Devonport on 11th November 2000. After this Philippa and Paul lived in South East Queensland for 7 years until returning home to Devonport, Tasmania in 2007.

While in South East Queensland Philippa worked for a large Kinder to Year 12 Independent School (1100 students) on the Gold Coast developing new business initiatives and marketing the school. Following this she worked for a large Private Training organisation. In this role she completed a wide variety of tasks including: one on one training (accredited and non accredited), small group training, training Gold Coast Seniors on the net, policy writing, internal auditing, running an alternative schooling program, marketing and promotion and a variety of other activities.

The opportunity then arose for Philippa and Paul to return to Tasmania, which they did in November 2007.

In November 2007 Philippa began working from home as a Business Development Manager for a global Australian company.

In April 2010 Philippa made the best decision of her life and that was to become a Herbalife Independent Member. She loves helping people change their lives and learn how to live a Healthy Active Lifestyle. She loves that she gets the best of both worlds through giving her family top priority and at the same time having a career.

Philippa absolutely loves life. She says Tasmania is the best place on earth.

Philippa has a diverse corporate background including roles in Marketing,  Business Development, Training and Sales.

She is passionate about helping people improve their lives through learning and growing.

Philippa has two beautiful children a daughter named Madison and a son called Myles and the family live in their dream home on her parents land at Don, Tasmania.

Her vision is to have Weight Loss Challenges and 100 Fit Clubs operating around Tasmania. If each Weight Loss Challenge loses 100 kg, then every 8 weeks, Tasmanians will be 10 tonnes lighter.  To do this she needs 10 Team Leaders with 10 Wellness Coaches each.

Philippa Martin July 2015

1) Who inspires you?

People who are willing to take risks and make positive changes in their lives.

2) What are you reading

I love reading and learning. I read about 30 books a year.

3) How do you like to relax and wind down at the weekend?

Spending time with my husband and two children.

4) What things couldn’t you live without

My family, Herbalife Shakes and the Internet (for working)

5) What are your three favourite things?

Organising, helping others and learning

6) If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and what would you eat?

Hmm… this is a hard one – I used to have so much fun at meal times with my tennis and cycling team mates during University, so it would great to have a few of these precious friends over for dinner. For dessert we would definitely have brownie, for main course – probably wood fired pizza or a barbecue.

7) What do you know now that you wish you had known before?

Relationships are so very very important. Treasure all of the precious moments in life as you won’t ever get that moment with this person again.

8) If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

A new cycling bike for my husband and for us as a family to watch the Tour de France live.

9) Do you have a favourite place?

Home – it is our dream home and I just love being at home. If I need to go wider than that, then anywhere in Tasmania or climbing Mt Rose or Geiger Grade in Reno, Nevada on my bike.

10) Most embarrassing moment?

In grade 8 someone passed me a note and the teacher read it out to the class. I don’t even remember what the note was about, I just remember I hid in the toilets all recess and lunch because I was so embarrassed.

11) What has been a defining moment in your life?

My first bike race weekend in Davis, California. Prior to this bike race my life had been one big obsession – tennis. I was a over the top passionate about tennis. On this weekend I realised that there was a whole world out there to be enjoyed and that it didn’t always have to include tennis. I thing this weekend began a more balanced life for me.

12) What do you daydream about?

Working from home until my children are full grown. This way I can have the flexibility of being there for them whenever they need me and still have financial freedom.

I also dream about having no mortgage!

13) What do you absolutely love to do with your time?

This might sound a bit sad, but if I feel I need a mental health day, I find a cupboard that is a bit disorganised and I organise it. For some reason organising is just so therapeutic for me and I feel so happy when I finish.

14) What don’t you like?

People who smoke and assume you don’t mind having to passive smoke their smoke. I feel like they are imposing their choice on me. I especially dislike it when I am walking down the street with my two young children and someone is smoking and I can smell the smoke, which means my children are too. I don’t mind considerate smokers who are thoughtful about their smoke. Obviously not smoking is the best option for your body, but this is up to each person’s journey to make this decision.

15) What is a secret passion you have?

I love lighting and burning fires outside. As a young girl I used to clear scrubby areas through lighting fires. I would get paid pocket money for doing this and I just loved the challenge of keeping that fire going in the dead blackberry bushes. When we bought a few acres that needed a bit of cleaning up, I loved clearing with the fires.

I love Kartchering – I love watching the dirt disappear as the high pressure hose clears it.

This site is currently under construction, so if you need to contact me please do so on 0438 687 542  or pjmartin@hotmail.com.

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